Eye make up made easier!

1. Eyeliner: Use your black or kohl eyeliner pencil to outline your entire eye. You should have a thicker line on the upper eyelid than you do the lower lid.

2. Base Color: Using your small sponge applicator or eyeshadow brush, apply the base color to your eyelid, across the entire part of the eyelid that moves. This area feels like your eyeball. Carry this base color slightly above the crease to about the halfway mark between the base of the eye and your eyebrow.

3. Contour Color: You will need to use a smaller brush or a pointed sponge to apply the contour color. First, use the pointy sponge or applicator to put the contour color all the way around the eyes, following the eyeliner that you applied earlier. If you use eyeshadow brushes, a cotton swab works well for this part.
Slightly close your eye and use your applicator to put the contour color in the crease of the eye.
Define the shape of your eyes using your applicator to apply the contour color to the outer corner of the eye. You should aim for creating a ‘v’ shape with the contour color. Don’t worry about the appearance at this time; you will blend it all together in the next step.
4. Blend: You now need to blend the colors to get a smooth look that doesn’t have extremely unique distinctions. Using slightly larger round applicator or brush blend in the colors on the eyelid, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to create one color, simply soften the demarcation. Next, blend the colors on the bottom eyelid and the corner of the eye.
5.  Contour: This is the application that makes the eyes appear larger and really stand out. If you don’t want to use a contour color, face powder will work as well. Using your applicator, apply the contour color or powder to the area just beneath your eyebrow. Smooth this color down as you apply it and watch your eyes appear to become smokier as this light color draws attention to the darker colors and accents them.
6.  Mascara: Apply your black mascara as you normally would; however, apply an extra coat and sweep the brush toward your outer eye. This adds to the dramatic smokey effect.

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