Matrimony Day - A commemoration of shared commitment

Although the burgeoning ‘social’ culture has deferred the plunge for many, it has interestingly not lessened the faith in the institution, but rather considerably strengthened it. And it is this unshakeable bond built by love, trust, hope, forgiveness and commitment that Matrimony Day celebrates.

Observed on the 14th of April, Matrimony Day celebrates this shared commitment that makes up a marriage. Like all universal observances it has its own unique beginning but what makes this day a widely celebrated occasion is the fact that it commemorates the most beautiful relationship which brings two separate individuals.

While perspectives change the depth of commitment remains the same and this is mirrored in the way how couples choose to celebrate their bond of love. As aptly spoken by Rachel Thomas, “Marriage has been the most beautiful thing that happened to us. We recently celebrated a decade together, but that hasn’t changed the way we feel about each other. And Matrimony Day will obviously be another special occasion when we would celebrate our companionship by doing something fun together.”

While couples who have been together a while have learnt to adapt to the changing dynamics in a committed relationship, it is the younger lot that struggles to keep up till they get a grip on the partnership. Marriage for many still revolves around responsibilities but it is through observances like Matrimony Day that they can break free of the shackles of everyday living at least once in a while.

“A day dedicated to marriage is nice. My husband’s hectic work schedule makes it difficult for him to spend quality time with me, but fortunately last year we made a pact to celebrate our union every Matrimony Day. I have some great surprises planned out this year and hopefully it will all play out well,” states Bindu who has been married for 3 years.

A lifelong commitment marriage calls for constant nurturing and attention and every year Matrimony Day provides that perfectly valid reason to renew the vows of commitment and love. Whether a couple chooses to do something together or decides to shower each other with gifts and surprises, when they mutually make an effort to make the day special for each other it is but natural for the bond to mature and be strengthened further over time. As Peter De Vries rightly stated, “The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly.”

- Padmapreetham.M

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